Getting Started

Are you ready to begin your journey to better health?  Join the COR620 community as you gain strength, power, flexibility and endurance.  We challenge you to begin this life change with our group of committed coaches and supportive members.  We look forward to getting to know you!

To get things started, please sign the release waver and submit your information by email or drop it off at the gym.  When we have received your packet, you are ready to join a start up class. In these four class sessions, we will get to know you better discover your strengths and  limitations so that we can customize your start up classes to fit your needs. Just as important, we will use that time to teach you the basics of what we do in the gym everyday, for example: Olympic weight lifting, power lifting, calisthenics, mobility tips and much more! This helps you feel more comfortable with the movements as well as helps to prevent injury once you join in with normal class. Once you are done, you will get one-on-one coaching in a group environment - this is how we combine the group motivation with your individual needs!

Thank you for checking out the COR 620 Gym here in beautiful Colville, WA.  We are excited to get you started!

COR 620 Fitness Training Application